The New King of the Cold Chain, the MC9400…

MC9400 Mobile Computer

The cold chain industry, poised at the intersection of logistics and temperature-sensitive goods, faces an array of challenges in 2024. The industry will grapple with the daunting task of maintaining product integrity while keeping track of goods in vast warehouses. The added pressure of mitigating wastage to minimize costs and the stringent threat of FDA […]

Outpace, Outlast, Outperform: The TC73-TC78 Series Advantage

Revolutionize Your Operations with the Zebra Technologies TC73-TC78 Series What happens when your supply chain comes grinding to a halt because of faltering equipment? Imagine the wheels of your robust supply chain, smoothly turning in a cycle of efficiency and reliability, suddenly jolting to a stop. This isn’t a hypothetical scare tactic, but rather a […]

Zebra ET60/65 Rugged Enterprise Tablet Review: Streamlining Warehouse Operations

ET60/65 Zebra Review

The Zebra ET60/65 Rugged Enterprise Tablet is designed to handle the harsh conditions in warehouses, maximizing productivity and ensuring efficient supply chain management. Catering to various business needs, this enterprise tablet has an overall star rating of 4.5 out of 5. Read on for a detailed analysis of its features, effectiveness, and potential difficulties users […]

Introducing the TC22/TC27 Mobile Computers

The TC22/TC27 is more than just a device; it’s a compact yet powerful tool that packs a punch with its key features. Sporting a sleek 6-inch display, the device integrates the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology, scanners, and support for tap-to-pay and other contactless transactions.

ZT600 Series RFID Industrial Printers

Zebra’s ZT600 Series RFID Industrial Printers combine industrial durability, user-friendly features, and future-proof adaptability, including factory- or field-installable RFID encoders. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help businesses navigate the rapidly evolving landscape and meet the challenges of growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating disparate systems, and controlling investment costs.

Empower Your Workers With the Zebra WS50

Zebra WS50 Hardware Review

This revolutionary product is designed to empower your workers with a fully functional mobile computer that fits in the palm of their hands. Let’s take an in-depth look at this innovative product and see how it can help your business maximize productivity, efficiency, and agility.

The Most Reliable Option On The Market: MC9300

MC9300 Product Review

Unlocking Unprecedented Power and Productivity with the Zebra MC9300 If you’re a warehouse manager, you know that reliable mobile device solutions are essential for managing the day-to-day operations of your facility. Now, there’s a new option on the market that sets a bar for durable computing—the Zebra MC9300 ultra-rugged mobile computer. This all-in-one solution is […]

RS6100 Wearable Scanner Review

RS6100 Wearable Scanner

The RS6100 Bluetooth wearable scanner is small and practically weightless—just half the size and weight of its predecessor, the RS6000. This means that workers can wear it all day without feeling fatigued or weighed down. Its advanced scanning range enables workers to capture barcodes from any angle with ease, making it an ideal choice for any warehouse environment. Plus, it’s rugged and ready to use in extreme temperatures, including freezers!

RFD90 Ultra Rugged RFID Sled

Take your Inventory to the Next Level! The RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds are built to perform in demanding environments and are adaptable to new and emerging technologies. What you may NOT know is that these sleds can help you take your inventory accuracy up a notch! Features of the RFD90 How will this help […]

InTu Hardware Review: Zebra TC58 Mobile Computer

Zebra Technologies is a well-established leader in the mobile computing hardware market, with a long history of innovation and an impressive array of offerings. One such offering is the TC58 series of mobile computers. The TC58 is one of Zebra’s most popular products in its class, thanks to its rugged design and excellent features. In […]