Introducing the TC22/TC27 Mobile Computers

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Introducing the TC22/TC27 Mobile Computers

Running a small or mid-sized business in today’s hyper-competitive environment is challenging. You’re up against industry giants equipped with the latest technology, providing their workers with an edge that enables them to deliver superior service. We have the answer if you’ve felt the smartphones within your budget aren’t delivering the necessary features to level the playing field.

Meet the TC22 and TC27 mobile computers.

This third-generation TC2x Series device is your equalizer against larger competitors, delivering smartphone-like styling and pricing, coupled with big business features that amplify productivity and enhance customer service.

The Perfect Blend of Style, Function, and Affordability

The TC22/TC27 is more than just a device; it’s a compact yet powerful tool that packs a punch with its key features. Sporting a sleek 6-inch display, the device integrates the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology, scanners, and support for tap-to-pay and other contactless transactions.

It’s built to outlast consumer phones, providing a higher return on investment. With Zebra’s portfolio of services, you’re assured of peak performance, helping you compete effectively with businesses of any size.

Superior Performance and Connectivity

The TC22/TC27 delivers exceptional performance on all your applications. Powered by a next-generation processor that offers double the performance of the previous version and class-leading memory and data storage options, it is a device built for the modern world.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the device is a trailblazer. It offers 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E2, delivering wired speeds and better voice and data performance. With support for private 5G and CBRS3 private LTE networks, you can access cost-effective wireless connectivity in the largest indoor and outdoor facilities. Add to that Bluetooth 5.2, and you have a device that delivers superior audio quality while consuming less power.

Advanced Display and Efficient Scanning

Coming in with an advanced 6-inch FHD+ display. The larger screen provides more display space and is easy to read anywhere—indoors and outside.

With Zebra’s enterprise-class scanning options, workers can capture barcodes in nearly half the time, with half the muscle work. You can choose from the SE4710 1D/2D standard scan engine or the SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with Intellifocus™ technology, ensuring fast and accurate capture of virtually every barcode.

Built for Contactless Transactions

The TC22/TC27 is ready for the world of contactless transactions. It easily integrates with your existing POS contactless payment solution, and the in-built support for Apple VAS and Google SmartTap enables it to read tickets, loyalty and gift cards, boarding passes, and more stored in Apple or Google wallets.

Ergonomics and Durability

Ergonomically designed, this device is nearly 10% thinner than its predecessor. The contoured surface reduces pressure points and provides a secure and comfortable grip for any size hand. Its durable design makes it waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, and tumble-proof, ensuring it lasts for years.

Power, Functionality, and Value

Choose the battery that will keep pace with your workers—either the standard 3800 mAh battery for full shift power or the extended 5200 mAh battery for multi-shift power. With removable batteries, you never need to take the device out of service for charging.

The TC22/TC27 comes with a range of purpose-built accessories that make every job easier, from single and multi-slot cradles to a protective boot, holster, or hand strap.

With either the TC22 or the TC27 mobile computers, you’re not just getting a device—you’re getting a partner in productivity, a tool for superior customer service, and a game-changer for your business.

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