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The Power Duo of Direct Store Delivery
Cold Chain

The Power Duo of Direct Store Delivery

TC-7X and T3 Smart Tags Revolutionizing Cold Chain Direct Store Delivery in 2024 In the ever-evolving world of cold chain logistics, maintaining the integrity of

MC9400 Mobile Computer
Cold Chain

The New King of the Cold Chain, the MC9400…

The cold chain industry, poised at the intersection of logistics and temperature-sensitive goods, faces an array of challenges in 2024. The industry will grapple with

Product Review

Hardware Review: The DS9900 Retail Scanner

DS9900: The retail POS scanner that does it all Are you looking for a better Point of Sale experience? Something that is faster and more

Tech Trends

Technology Early Adopters vs. Late Majority

Are you a technology savvy firm? Do you feel compelled to rush and pre-order technology advancements following their release into the market? If you answer this

Hardware Product Review

Introducing the TC22/TC27 Mobile Computers

The TC22/TC27 is more than just a device; it’s a compact yet powerful tool that packs a punch with its key features. Sporting a sleek 6-inch display, the device integrates the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology, scanners, and support for tap-to-pay and other contactless transactions.

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