The Power Duo of Direct Store Delivery

The Power Duo of Direct Store Delivery
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The Power Duo of Direct Store Delivery

TC-7X and T3 Smart Tags Revolutionizing Cold Chain Direct Store Delivery in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cold chain logistics, maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products like beef, chicken, fish, dairy, and vegetables is paramount. The latest technology is not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses to stay competitive and efficient. Two game-changers in this space are the TC73/TC78 mobile computers (collectively referred to as TC-7X) and the T3 Smart Tags.

Together, they provide an unparalleled solution to enhance Direct Store Delivery (DSD) in the cold chain, addressing key challenges and reducing spoilage from products that have breached regulated temperature levels. With so many links in the chain there are many places where your product could breach suggested temperatures and impact your brand negatively.

How can you ensure that your product’s temperature is secured from manufacturing to consumer?

Our answer is two-fold, hardware that doesn’t fail in a pinch and a complete temperature tracking solution that provides real-time data end-to-end providing you the 30,000 foot view of your products journey in time and temperature.

Ruggedness Meets Precision: TC-7X and T3 Smart Tags

The TC-7X mobile computers, designed for a new generation of mobile solutions, boast a rugged design built to handle harsh environments like those present in the cold chain, while providing advanced scanning capabilities and superior connectivity. With their 6-inch advanced display, they offer easy viewing in various lighting conditions, making them ideal for use in cold storage facilities and outdoor environments.

On the other hand, the T3 Smart Tags are a cost-effective solution that revolutionizes cold chain management. They monitor temperature over time using organic materials, eliminating room for human error, and providing accurate data for informed business decisions.

But how exactly do these two solutions work together to enhance DSD in the cold chain?

Streamlined Inventory Management and Accurate Data Tracking

With the TC-7X’s high-performance scanning capabilities, it can capture barcodes in various conditions and lighting, facilitating quick and accurate inventory management. Imagine being able to scan the T3 Smart Tags attached to individual product units or shipping cases with the TC-7X device in a cold and dimly lit refrigerated environment. The ability to scan accurately and receive complete and accurate data about the product’s temperature throughout its journey ensures safe transport of temperature-sensitive products to their final destination.

Enhanced Communication and Real-time Reporting

The TC-7X’s comprehensive wireless network support ensures fast and reliable connectivity, which is critical for real-time tracking and reporting in DSD operations. This means that the temperature, date, time, and location data provided by the T3 Smart Tags can be easily scanned and reported to Spring Global software or other direct store delivery software for maximum efficiency and easy deployment.

Elevated Customer Service and Reduced Spoilage

The combination of TC-7X and T3 Smart Tags not only improves visibility across the entire supply chain but also elevates customer service by preventing the delivery of products that have exceeded temperature thresholds. With these tools, businesses can ensure they deliver only the highest quality products to their customers, thereby reducing spoilage and waste and save big money.

Customization and Easy Integration

Both the TC-7X and T3 Smart Tags offer customization options and easy integration into existing systems. The TC-7X can be enhanced with additional functionalities such as a mobile dimensioning solution, RFID, two-way radio, and PBX handset. Similarly, the T3 Smart Tags can be customized to fit a brand, making them a versatile addition to any cold chain logistics operation.

In conclusion, the synergy between the TC-7X mobile computers and T3 Smart Tags provides a comprehensive solution to enhance Direct Store Delivery in the cold chain industry. Their combined capabilities offer improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the demanding cold chain environment, making them an invaluable tool for businesses in 2024 and beyond.

Isn’t it time you leveraged these advanced technologies to revolutionize your cold chain logistics?

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