RS6100 Wearable Scanner Review

RS6100 Wearable Scanner
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RS6100 Wearable Scanner Review

A Review of the new RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner by Zebra Technologies

Chief Information Officers and Warehouse Managers have long been searching for a reliable, lightweight wearable scanner that is both versatile and rugged. The RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner from Zebra Technologies facilitated by InTu Mobility is a powerful solution. Let’s take a look at why this one-of-a kind scanner is one of the best on the market today.

Product Features of the RS6100 Wearable Scanner

The RS6100 Bluetooth wearable scanner is small and practically weightless—just half the size and weight of its predecessor, the RS6000. This means that workers can wear it all day without feeling fatigued or weighed down. Its advanced scanning range enables workers to capture barcodes from any angle with ease, making it an ideal choice for any warehouse environment. Plus, it’s rugged and ready to use in extreme temperatures, including freezers!

RS6100 Wearable Scanner Zebra Technologies

Five Interchangeable Wearing Styles

For added comfort and convenience, the RS6100 features five interchangeable wearing styles. Each style has been carefully crafted to suit different workers’ needs and preferences so that everyone can find their optimal fit. Additionally, each wearing style assists in distributing weight evenly across shoulders and back for maximum comfort throughout shifts.

  • The holster style keeps the scanner securely attached to the user’s belt while allowing quick access and hands-free operation.
  • The over-the-shoulder strap style allows for maximum movement and adaptability during tasks. The two-handed grip style provides more ergonomic support for extended use.
  • The ring mount style securely attaches the scanner to the user’s finger, freeing up their hands for other tasks.
  • Finally, the lanyard neckwear style offers convenience and ease of use for workers who are constantly on the move. Each of these styles has distinct benefits for warehouse workers, from providing them with quick access to a dependable scanning device to freeing up their hands for additional tasks.

Cordless Bluetooth Connection

The RS6100 can connect via Bluetooth to any compatible device —or with a corded adapter—for cordless operation. This makes it easy to integrate with your existing mobile devices in order to eliminate the need for batteries while still providing reliable performance every time you scan a barcode or item tag. Plus, its swappable battery ensures that your scanner will always be up and running when you need it most!

Product Rating Review

The RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner is an excellent choice for CIOs and Warehouse Managers to outfit their warehouse employees with. If you are looking for a reliable scanning solution that won’t weigh their workers down or cause fatigue throughout long shifts, look no futher. It boasts an unmatched advanced scanning range, five interchangeable wearing styles, ruggedness designed for everyday use in extreme conditions—including freezers—and a cordless Bluetooth connection for added convenience and efficiency when paired with compatible devices.

RS6100 Wearable Scanner Zebra Technologies

We give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars!

In conclusion, we highly recommend the RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner from Zebra Technologies. The device is an ideal choice for warehouses looking for a reliable scanning solution that won’t weigh their workers down or cause fatigue throughout long shifts. The only major drawback we find is the size differential between the RS6100 and its competitors. Overall, we find this model to be a powerful solution for your scanning needs.

The device features we love:

  • An unmatched advanced scanning range
  • Five interchangeable wearing styles
  • Ruggedness designed for everyday use in extreme conditions—including freezers
  • A convenient cordless Bluetooth connection capabilities when paired with compatible devices
  • Better battery life than its competitor

The drawbacks

  • The size is bigger than its competitor the Honeywell 8675I Ring Scanner
  • Only one scan engine option available

Don’t miss out on this amazing product today!

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