Honeywell CT47 Mobile Computer: A Reliable Solution for Transport and Logistics

In today’s competitive world, every company wants to improve its operational efficiency and optimize its workflow. Enterprises operating in the food and beverage space, need reliable and innovative solutions that can help them streamline their operations. If they fail to address this need they soon find themselves in a precarious position, watching the competition blow […]

Empower Your Workers With the Zebra WS50

Zebra WS50 Hardware Review

This revolutionary product is designed to empower your workers with a fully functional mobile computer that fits in the palm of their hands. Let’s take an in-depth look at this innovative product and see how it can help your business maximize productivity, efficiency, and agility.

The Most Reliable Option On The Market: MC9300

MC9300 Product Review

Unlocking Unprecedented Power and Productivity with the Zebra MC9300 If you’re a warehouse manager, you know that reliable mobile device solutions are essential for managing the day-to-day operations of your facility. Now, there’s a new option on the market that sets a bar for durable computing—the Zebra MC9300 ultra-rugged mobile computer. This all-in-one solution is […]

RS6100 Wearable Scanner Review

RS6100 Wearable Scanner

The RS6100 Bluetooth wearable scanner is small and practically weightless—just half the size and weight of its predecessor, the RS6000. This means that workers can wear it all day without feeling fatigued or weighed down. Its advanced scanning range enables workers to capture barcodes from any angle with ease, making it an ideal choice for any warehouse environment. Plus, it’s rugged and ready to use in extreme temperatures, including freezers!

RFD90 Ultra Rugged RFID Sled

Take your Inventory to the Next Level! The RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds are built to perform in demanding environments and are adaptable to new and emerging technologies. What you may NOT know is that these sleds can help you take your inventory accuracy up a notch! Features of the RFD90 How will this help […]

InTu Hardware Review: Zebra TC58 Mobile Computer

Zebra Technologies is a well-established leader in the mobile computing hardware market, with a long history of innovation and an impressive array of offerings. One such offering is the TC58 series of mobile computers. The TC58 is one of Zebra’s most popular products in its class, thanks to its rugged design and excellent features. In […]

Top 3 Mobile Computers for the supply chain in 2023

Top 3 Mobile Computers

How do we go about determining which are the top 3 mobile computers for the supply chain? As supply chain operations become increasingly mobile and global, businesses need to know what mobile computing hardware is best for their supply chain. To help provide a comprehensive guide for supply chain professionals, this document is designed to […]

The Guide to Warehouse and Delivery Hardware in 2023

What are the top warehouse and delivery hardware items for the supply chain in 2023? The warehouse and delivery hardware market has undergone major changes in the past decade. Improvements in technology have made it possible to develop durable and reliable handheld computers, wearable devices, printers and scanners that can withstand the rigors of a […]

Technology Early Adopters vs. Late Majority

Are you a technology savvy firm? Do you feel compelled to rush and pre-order technology advancements following their release into the market? If you answer this question in the affirmative, then you are indeed an early adopter. An early adopter is an individual or enterprise that aims at having first access to new technology immediately when […]

Hardware Review: The DS9900 Retail Scanner

DS9900: The retail POS scanner that does it all Are you looking for a better Point of Sale experience? Something that is faster and more accurate? Zebra Technologies Inc and InTu Mobility have the answer! With the DS9900 series scanner, you can have a Point of Sale experience that is unmatched by any other solution. […]